Saturday, March 26, 2005

Twisted Sister vs. Tron


Yea, the idea of Twisted Sister versus Tron just seems funny too me. But… shut your pie hole and straiten up, you sorry sack of manure. The eighties was not a good time in history; nothing really good came out of it, except for cocaine (wait that was from the 70s) ugly-ass pastel colors and goofy big haircuts with gold chains and leisure suits that had the sleeves pulled up.
Digi stats minus the coke:

Twisted Sister:
- American heavy metal music group specializing in the theatrical shock metal
- Famous for their extravagant makeup, shock tactics, rebellious ideas, and their use of chains, leather, and long permed blond hair.
- Created melodic distorted guitar and chorus-laden singles
- Embodied everything '80s metal
- You definitely listened to them and probably liked them around 1988

- A “program” that is bent on destruction
- A proficient light cycler
- Helps Jeff Bridges get out of a psychedelic horrible computer world, and cool neon lights giant upside-down bracket robot space ship
- Had a son name Jet
- Has another movie due out in the January of this year

Side note: How in the hell am I going to say anything on this blog about this time in history? Are we living in the tens? I guess “the turn of the century” seem appropriate. Still it doesn’t have the same appeal as the “Roaring twenties” or the “free loving sixties”.

Winner: Tron. Electrons do not produce heavy metal. Uhhh, come on now, the Sisters are cool but not “Tron cool”. Not “Captain Kirk cool”. Not: “Flight of the Navigator cool”. (Damn, I would like to see that movie again) But Tron lives inside of my mother board, Twisted Sister on the other hand, lives inside the synapsis of my brain. Unfortunately: Yakuza, the Chinese mafia, had their hand in the outcome of this fight. My pinky finger is at stake here. - Holy shit, this blog has gotten way too abstract. God bless the internet and my neurotic, impulsive ability to post what ever the hell I fell like.
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That is some seriously funny shit right there...
Scott, I have been reading through your archives and must say that I laughed out loud on several occassions. You have a wicked imagination. Keep on going. I will be back.
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