Saturday, March 19, 2005

MacGyver vs. the Back Street Boys

MacGyver vs bboys
Flippin sweet. The master of ingenuous ingenuity fights a bunch of pretty boy, wanna-be rock stars. What is the outcome – its anybody’s guess. Is MacGyver going to make a bomb out of a pack of gum and a box of trojans? Are the Back Street Boys going to kick ass with high pitch winning and fun loving, easy going, Kenny-G type ninjitsu?
Here’s yer sign.

- A clever and rugged hero adored by women and praised by men
- Can solve just about any problem
- Prefers paper clips and candy bars over AKs and Tech-9s
- A former special forces agent
- Uses his wits and science to foil all that oppose him
- Currently employed at Phoenix Foundation
- Has the ability to slip past the enemy's defenses and undermined their devious plans
- Has a nack for solving problems just in the nick of time
- Boss: Peter Thornton
- Archenemy: Murdoc

The Back Street Boys:
- Slightly homosexual
- Archenemy: Anyone with any since of tast, and people over the age of 15
- Consist of: Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean and Kevin Richardson
- Hits song: Quit Playing Games (With My Heart), and As Long As You Love Me
- Aka the B Boys (who calls them that? – beside their moms)
- Have done church choirs and did a lot of family harmonizing growing up in Kentucky – NICE
- Would like to make a reality series about being pop-stars
- Formed in 1995
- They are (take notes): a certified ball room dace instructor (gay), one likes Safari by Ralph Lauren the cologne(gay), loves sneakers and gold jewelry(gay), and according to one of them he is "likely to invite you for a moonlight walk along the beach"(really gay).

Side note: Let’s not kid our selves, we all know who is going to win this, and if you disagree then go ahead and comment – but, be warned you will probably disagree.

Winner: MacGyver. NO not the Kool-aid man, he wasn’t even involved in this fight. Heres how it went: the five Backstreet boys tried to “serve” MacGyver with a head spin glide with a flare. However MacGyver anticipates this and reacts with a nuclear anti matter reactor built with a rock, a homeless person, a piece of cardboard, and a rusted shopping cart. The B Boy counter with a forward hand spring to an airbaby backslide but slip and fall into a vat of nitroglycerin. They then turn into liquid metal and are kicked by Mac into another vat of molten lead. The End.

Special thanx to all that contributed ideas.
I like the touch of a homeless person. That's probably wrong, but I like it anyway.
I would say do a "Backstreet Boys" vs. "N'Sync" but then it would obviously end up a draw because they would just have a mass orgy with one another. Homo-eroticism at its worst.
GREAT FIGHT! Always good to see the BSB's get their butts kicked! Thanks for the hilarity, dude!
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