Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Captain Morgan vs. Captain Crunch

Morgan Vs. Crunch

Arrr, you ready for this one. Avast ye scurvy swine, this be goin' t' be a good fight. These two salty dogs be comin’ together for this skirmish. Tis a real treat for us landlubbers to see this one and I ant’ hornswagglin ya either.
Heres yer stats, swabs:

Captain Morgan
- Full name: Captain Henry Morgan
- One of the 17th Century's most daring and successful buccaneers
- Admired throughout Caribbean waters
- Born in Wales in 1635
- His adventures were legendary
- One of Britain's most successful military strategists and an inspirational leader
- Gained the loyalty of unruly buccaneers who followed him without question, and won the respect of nobles and heads of state.
- Tastes really good mixed with Coke

Captain Crunch
- Archenemies : Jean LaFoote the Barefoot Pirate and the Soggies; Sylvester, Snyder, and Squish (aka the Sogmaster), also work as quality control testers at the AFCO Sponge Company
- Once promoted to admiral but didn’t like all the paperwork so he requested to be demoted
- Been in an unfortunate mishap with the Crunch Berries and the Crunch Biscuit machine
- Born sometime in 1963 on Crunch Island
- Son of Admiral Horatio Crunch, Sr.
- Sailed on the ship S.S. Guppy
- Side kick: first mate, Seadog
- Has been to Volcanica (at the center of the Earth) to save the Earth's supply of Crunchium
- Doesn’t tastes so good mixed with Coke

Winner: Captain Morgan; Was this really even a doubt in anybody’s mind? Ok, yes Captain Crunch did go to Volcanica and yes he has single-handedly defeated Jean LaFoote and he has even outranked Captain Morgan at one time. The fact of the mater is Crunch can’t handle the Morgan, sure he may be a badass on Crunch Island and the Soggies fear him, but this is the real world baby and swashbuckling and milk just doesn’t mix.
These are great!! Fantastic blog you have here! Interesting and unique!
Aye, I didn't fare so well against the Morgan myself Saturday night...
Yes, Scott is quite often brilliant. (My theory is that he has a cat helping him.)
Wow I’m flattered. There quit possibly could be a cat floating around in my multiple personally soup that is my head and who knows maybe he’s posting right now.
Fantastic duel, bloak! That Cap'n Crunch is only two feet tall, but quick as a gnat. I'd think Morgan'd either have to outdrink the little bastard or, drunk himself, get lucky with a boot and step on him.

Nelson Cooke
please do agent smith vs elrond
Are you sure that Crunch guy is a Captain? He's got Lieutenant stripes on his jacket. Fraud!!!
Crunch 'n Coke! Yes sir!
i gotta think if Captain Crunch pops a few crunchberries he might take on Capt. Morgan.

and i think Crunches hat is some sort of weapon as well.

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