Thursday, February 17, 2005

Soccer Mom in Soccer Mom Van with kids vs. Hippo

The soccer mom is a force to be record with. Her snot nosed little tykes kick a soccer ball and they invoke a instinctual protection mechanism from their mother whilst the hippo is responsible for a substantial amount of deaths each year in Africa. This match could be any ones guess.
How it looks for both sides:

- cause more human deaths than any other wild creature in Africa Hippos spend most of their days in the water
- 5’ height at the shoulder and has a length of 15’
- extremely aggressive and unpredictable
- teeth can be 20 inches long
- use their heads as sledgehammers
- up to 9900 lbs

Soccer Mom
- represent over 850,000 caravanners
- top speed 70+ mph
- 5040 pounds
- superior soccer principles for children

An excellent example of nurture over nature this example clearly will explain who in the end will triumph. It’s assumed that the fight had to come to such a ending but all good things must come to a bloody horribly gruesome ending.

Winner : Soccer Mom ; Due to her pure hatred for anything opposing her children including the referee; a hippopotamus only stands a winning chance if the fight were to take place in some sort of marsh or inland water arena. Granted the hippo weighs nearly twice as much as the caravan a soccer mom in danger will do any thing to protect her offspring including accelerating up to more than 70 mph and careening with the killer African Beast.
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