Friday, February 18, 2005

Smurfs vs. Fraggle Rock

This is a full crusade of epic proportions. These two docile and benevolent peace full species have unexpectedly gathered for the battle of miniature magnitude. This fight will ultimately determine who controls the land. This could prove to be the fight of the apocalypse. Lets see how both sides are panning out:

- Over a100 years old
- good alchemist
- Papa Smurf is the oldest of all at 542 years old
- Three apples high ??? (WTF) , and have blue skin
- Speak a very strange language. Words are replaced by “Smurf”
- Gargamel originally created Smurfette to stir up trouble in the village
- Sassette the little known other female smurf; hate’s smurfete
- Arch enemy : Gargamel; an evil sorcerer and cat Azrael; mangy, stupid and evil

Fraggle Rock:
- Lives underground
- furry, have tails, and come in multiple colors
- Gobo – Leader of the Fraggle Five- he is audacious and cunning
- Aurora Fragglialis is a sacred waterfall
- Arch enemy : Sprocket; a dog capable of using his "hands" to pick things up, use them, throw them, make his own food recipes, and he can operate a computer

If this fight were to involve the two villains Gargamel vs. Sprocket the winner is obvious. Sprocket would win hand down. Because the Fraggles have had years of oppression due to Sprocket the dog one might think they have the advantage. However the Smurfs are a resourceful variety of creatures.

Winner: Smurfs. They have their secret weapon – Brainy Smurf, sure he’s Pappa Smurf’s kiss ass, but he is exceptionally gifted in atomic theory. Once his main weapon - the Smurfdrogen A-Bomb is launched against Fragle-shima, he annihilated 140,000 Fragglerockians. Immediately after that the Fraggle Rock inhabitants called for an end to the brutal slaughter
I was often puzzled by the 3 apples high claim myself.
Brainy Smurf Rocks!

Oh, and I wanted so bad to do Sassette.
Freakin apples. Why can't they just say like a foot and a half.
Actually, they would probably just say that they're a "smurf and a half" or something lame like that.
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