Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sharks with lasers vs. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the leader of the transformers. He is a force not be underestimated. However sharks with lasers a vicious killers that have an added advantage in their arsenal. They are bent on destruction and have all the means necessary to delivery upon their goal. Perhaps they are just a evil genius tool but maybe they have gone for long enough without the extra fire power for what they really want most.

Sharks with Lasers
- Can grow up to 50’ long
- streamlined, torpedo-shaped bodies
- have no bones, only cartilage
- up to 3,000 teeth
- wildly attacks anything in the area
- capable of firing 2,500 twin 20mm Vulcan cannon rounds per minute
- strike at the speed of light
- can disable optically guided missiles

Optimus Prime
- Leader of the Autobots
- Incredible strength
- 18,950 lbs , 22feet 10inches
- Can turn into a heavy duty semi-truck
- Vowed to fight against the evil Decepticons
- Always in favor of peace
- Will not hesitate to use his great powers and vast arsenal

Well this is another fight the completely depends on the venue. If shark with lasers were to fight in water he would have the clear advantage however Optimus Prime can turn in to an 18 wheeler which is best suited for use on sold ground.

Winner: This is a tough one. Both contenders are evenly matched. Both have a ranged attacks; both have brutal close corridors fighting skills. However the fight takes place on the shore. Optimus Prime can shoot his missiles into the water and shark with lasers can shoot his lasers onto the land. Shark with lasers wins because 1st missiles and other projectiles that Optimus Prime is accustom to launching, are worthless in the water. Also the leader of the Autobots perception is distorted by the water causing him to miss. Shark with lasers on the other hand has a freakin laser – throw me a freakin bone here people.
Optimus prime wins...lasers defract when they leave the water at an angle so he would have no accuracy. Physics buddy...
Oh yea, I forgot to mention Shark has undefratable lasers. - He was made by an Evil Genius.
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