Friday, February 18, 2005

Rat infected with bubonic plague vs. Mosquito infected with Malaria


Ahh, yes the age old argument over which pest will win. It has been debated for years with no clear winner. Well I am here to set the record straight. I intend to put the facts out in the open and then determine a clear winner. Rat vs. Mosquito just wouldn’t be a real fight without upping the ante with horrible deadly diseases.

Rat infected with bubonic plague
- Aggressive towards humans and rival rats
- Weigh over 500 grams
- Caused about half of bird and reptile extinctions
- Cannibalistic
- Vicious, unclean, parasitic animals that steal food and spread disease.
- Bubonic plague is extremely deadly and gruesome
- Death rate is 90%, time of infection to death is less than one week
- Has killed 2 million victims in one year

Mosquito infected with Malaria
- Have long piercing-sucking proboscis
- Lives 14 days
- Bite all warm or cold blooded animals
- Painful and persistent biters
- Strong fliers and are known to fly many miles
- 40% of the world's population is susceptible to malaria
- Causes three million deaths annually

Those are some of the major stats on each contender. I am not sure if a rat can be infected with malaria or a mosquito with bubonic plague but for all intensive purposes they can. This fight could really go in either direction. If the rat can get a hold of the mosquito it’s pretty much over.

Winner: Mosquito infected with Malaria. Why you may ask. Well it’s simple really the mosquito goes for the aerial attack and lands a good bit. Rat infected with bubonic plague
Then try’s a tuck and roll technique but to no avail. Mosquito see this coming and easily out maneuvers him and flies away laughing. Exactly one week later Rat with plague is dead but he did manage to spread a few infected fleas along the way.
This is funny stuff man!
Great site I will add you to my daily reading!!! Oh thanks for stopping at
I would rather get bit by the mosquito though.

Great site. Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Ha!! I randomly surfed into your blog. Glad I did. Original stuff... good going! I've bookmarked you.
Glad to see you guys like it. Appreciate the comments.
a mouse can carry malaria. but no a mosquito cant carry the plague.
Surely the mosquito wins when you look at whats happening out there the mosquito must be the survivor and wins the arguement - go to sites like has some of the history on dangers of the mosquito. Everyones got a mouse trap but it is only recently that traps like the mosquito-slayer have come on to the market. In the meantime we all know that Malaria is spreading, where was the last case of bubonic plague you heard of?
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