Thursday, February 17, 2005

McDonald Hamburgler vs. Cookie Crisp Crook

McDonald Hamburgler vs. Cookie Crisp Crook
Both are hardened career criminals of the worst degree. They obviously are had tough childhoods and probably grew up on the streets.
How it looks for both sides:

McDonald Hamburgler
- obsessive compulsive behavior centered around hamburgers
- just over four feet tall.
- Arch nemesis is Ronald McDonald
- First offense unknown but probably a violent offender

Cookie Crisp Crook
- Arch nemesis is Officer Krum
- Side Kick is Chip the Cookie Hound
- Always goes to jail for larceny
- Will go to any means necessary to obtain a cookie

Well this fight could last more than a few rounds. Clearly both convicts have substantial amounts of stamina and are dedicated to their cause. Due to the fact that Hamburgler has never been incarcerated since he supposedly broke out, the edge would have to be give to him. On the other hand, though Cookie Crisp Crook has a vicious dog fully capable of tearing the Hamburgle limb from limb.

Winner: McDonald Hamburgler because he has evade arrest enough times to be able to know the Cook Crisp Crook main weakness – the police. He would clearly use this to his advantage some how.
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