Thursday, February 17, 2005

Helen Keller vs. CEO of Helen Keller International

Now this would be a fight that would never happen unless a super villain forced them to fight or he would destroy mankind as we know it here is how it would play out :
How it looks for both side:

Helen Keller
- Blind and Deaf
- symbol of courage in the face of overwhelming odds
- luminous intelligence, high ambition and great accomplishment
- dedicated to patience, and courage

- Responsible for all operations, programs, finances, communications and public policy initiatives of HKI
- Served as President and CEO of The Children’s Village
- bridged the gap between practitioners, academics and policy makers
- built the agency from an annual budget of $3 million to the current $40 million with a staff of over 650 individuals.

Winner: Helen Keller; She has this fight as long as she keeps it in close quarters. Through literally blind rage and brute force Helen Keller would prevail. Also the CEO of Helen Keller International would have some serious moral objections to annihilating the founder of her company.
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