Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dog the Bounty Hunter vs. Boba Fett

Dog the Bounty Hunter vs. Boba Fett

The Dog versus the Fett. The Hawaiian Billy the Kid against the Ultimate Imperial Stormtrooper. These two know how to take down target, they know how to neutralize a fugitive, and they have an arsenal of gadgets at their disposals. What brings these two together to the exotic island of Borneo is they have a common fugitive: Martha Stewart. Apparently she baked her way out of prison.
Let’s see how they stack up:

- Self-proclaimed “greatest bounty hunter in the world
- Six thousand-plus captures over the past two decades
- A highly intense, charismatic ex-con
- Vows to help make America a safer place for all
- Weapons : Mace, Handcuff, other non-lethal weapons
- Wears goofy spandex pants
- Slightly Egotistical

Boba Fett
- A powerful, provocative, mysterious character
- Holds several records for bounties
- Received the largest bounty ever: 5 million credits (conversion to American dollars about 4.723 million and 27 cents)
- Boba Fett is humanoid
- Referred to as Lord of the Bounty Hunters
- Wears a weapon-covered armored spacesuit
- Has a macrobinocular viewplate with 360 degree field of view, infrared scope, sensor array, and microcomputer
- Weapons : wrist lasers, rocket darts, miniature flame throwers, and concussion grenade launchers

There is a lot going for this battle, the stakes are high, the jungle is hot, and Martha is on the run. Dog lives in Hawaii so he is at home in the jungle. On the other hand Boba Fett has a jet pack. And Martha Stewart has just wiped up some of her famous banana nut and jungle millipede bread.

Winner: Boba Fett; Despite the obvious fact that he has an armory on his wrist and a jetpack on his back, this fight was a close one. What Boba Fett didn’t know is that Borneo is home to the Orangutan - a childhood fear of his. While Fett is coping with the wild apes, Dog dive bombs Martha Stuart from the canopy of the jungle. He handcuffs his target but not before trying some of Martha’s banana nut and millipede bread. Immediately after Dog the Bounty Hunter breaks out in hives and begins to convulse. As it turns out he is allergic to millipede. Meanwhile Boba Fett remembers he has an anti-orangutan net device that he installed a few months ago. Boba Fett takes over were the Dog left off and delivers the perpetrator to the proper authorities.
Have you ever seen the Dog's wife? I think she could take car of Boba Fett herself!! ;^)
Dog's wife would eat Boba Fett.
I dunno...after all, Boba Fett -just like his dad- died in the stupidest way possible.
Aww.. C'mon! Dog would kick Fett's ass!!
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dog the bounty hunter hands down! sorry. he's the real deal.
Anti Orangutan net? What is this, Adam West's Batman, who for some reason always carries around a can of shark repellent?
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