Thursday, February 17, 2005

Crack head vs. Badger

First of this fight would need to take place in the ghetto with gang-bangers on one side and other badgers on the other side.
How it looks for both side:

Crack head
– feels no pain
– on average is about 5’10’’ weighs 100 lbs
– sole purpose in life is crack
– will do any thing to get more crack
– is accustom to fighting for crack
– cares little for personal hygiene
– is used to years of abuse from the streets

- 30 to 35 ‘ in length
- have on average 34 teeth
- territorial
- excellent senses of hearing and smell
- loose fitting skin prevents them from being held by another animals
- eat just about everything
- can strike a target up to 39 inches away

This fight has too much going for it for it to wind up in a draw. Crack heads have been an arch rival of plenty of Americans since the early 80’s whilst on the other hand badgers have been a constant problem since the dawn of time. Badgers are also ferocious and extremely tough.

Winner: Badger; A Crack Head will always be distracted by a rock while a badger will defend its territory and fight to the death.
Nice fight.
I saw a docu once where a badger got bitten by a snake. It lay there for a while, got up an hour later and walked away... so I would think that a badger will win the crack head. Nice and accurate result!
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