Thursday, February 17, 2005

Chyna vs. Wonder woman

Sexy is the only word to describe this fight. First it would absolutely need to take place in a kiddy pool full of KY Jelly and they would need to both be topless. Lets take a look at the line up.
How it looks for both sides:

- Referred to as 'The Ninth Wonder Of The World' by ringside announcers
- 5'10" 190 lbs
- first woman to compete in a Royal Rumble PPV
- Been in Play Boy
- physical female "brawler" and a full blown Diva

Wonder Woman
- Princes of an immortal race of Amazonian
- From uncharted Paradise Island
- Part of World War II secret program
- Champions good to combat evil.
- Fights for truth, justice, and protects the world from harm.
- Has a truth telling lasso and an invisible plane

The odds are defiantly stacked against Chyna the main reason being that she can … well, die, and has no super powers. This match is fought nearly naked so Wonder Woman can use her special toys (no not that) the invisible plane and the lasso.

Winner: Chyna ; who would have thought the KY Jelly would be Wonder Woman’s kryptonite. Chyna puts Wonder Woman in a scissors with her massive legs and puts her down for the count.
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