Friday, February 18, 2005

Bill Gates vs. Pinky and the Brain – the Brain

The Brain and the Gates are both undoubtedly determined to take over the world, that goes with out saying. But each have their own techniques. The similarity are numerous with these two here are just a few : Both have side kicks, both have a devious plans of action and implement them as much as possible.
How it looks for both sides:

Bill Gates
- Born on Oct. 28, 1955 Seattle
- Loves of computers and software
- Richest private individual in the World with a net worth of over 50 billion dollars
- Owns a $97 million 40,000-square-foot mansion
- Side Kick - Steve Ballmer

The Brain
- A genius
- Genes have been spliced
- Four inches tall

Winner: Bill Gates, hands down. The Brain constantly tries and fails to take over the world, Bill Gates already owns it.
Not to mention that the Brain is only 4 inches tall and can be squashed by Bill Gates.
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